Great genetic unity is present among the organisms. The nature and mode of transfer of genetic material in the organism is similar both in animals and plants: There are following aspects of genetic unity:

  1. Unity in nature of the genetic material

The entire organism has similar genetic material. It is in the form of DNA. The DNA forms the basis of genetic unity among the organisms. The DNA is composed of smaller units called genes. These genes control all the characteristics of the organisms. The arrangement of nucleotides on DNA forms genes. All the organisms including animals and plants have millions of genes. These genes control different character in them Different organisms haVe different genes. Therefore, they show different character. But the nature of genes is almost similar in all the organisms. It is an evidi. lice of genetic unity.

  1. Unity in the mode of transfer of geneti…material

Vlandel is believed to be father of genetics. He pi_iformed experiment on pea and brmulated two laws:

(a)         Law of segregation

(b)         Law of Ine4ependent assortment

hese laws art equally applicabfe to all the organisms. These ‘aws govern the

t’ansfer of hereditary characters in the organisM. These law indicates how a wonderful genetic unity in present in all animals and plant



  1. Unity in the expression of genetic characters

The DNA is divided in to triplet nucleotides. It forms genetic codes These genetic codes are means of expression of genetic characters Each genetic code is specific for single amino acid. The genetic codes are universal! All the animals have similar genetic codes for same amino acids Therefore, genetic unity is Observed in the expression of genetic characters.

Adapted from Website of Miller)

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