Objective Questions of Respiration

Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) Number of CO2 molecules used released during respiration. (a) 2                 (b) 5                           (c) 6                 (d) I 2          Net number of ATP produced during glycolysis: (a) 2                 (b) 3                       ‘    (c) 5                 (d) 6 Which of following causes breakdown of F-

Subjective And Short Questions For Respiration

MODEL SUBJECTIVE QUESTIONS: What is respiration? Give its evolution. Describe different steps of glycolysis. Describe different steps of Krebs cycle. Draw Kerbs cycle. Write note on electron transport chain. Write note on respiratory substrate. Write note on respiratory quotient. SHORT QUESTIONS: Define respiration. Ans:     


TERMS DEFINITIONS Respiration The series of oxidation reduction reactions in which substances (glucose) are oxidized to carbon dioxide and   oxygen  and   energy  is  releasedis   called respiration. Aerobic respiration Aerobic respiration takes place in the presence of free oxygen. It includes Krebs cycle and electron


The series of oxidation reduction reac: ons in which substances (glucose) are oxidized to carbon dioxide aad oxygen and energy is released is called respiration. Plants requre a constant supply of energy. This energy performs biological worK. The ATP provides this energy. All animals