Objective for photoperiodism

Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) Experiments on hemp were performed by: (a) Garner                   (b) hi ien          (c) Kleb            (d) Hamner Experiment on house leek plants were performed by: (a) Garner                   (b) Julien          (c) Kleb            (d) Hamner Biloxi soybean flowers in: (a) January                  (b) June           (c)

Subjective and Short questions for photoperiodism

Subjective questions for photoperiodism: What is photoperiodism? Give its historical background. Give classification of plants on the basis of photoperiodic responses. What is critical period? Explain. What are phytochromes? Give their mechanism of action. Discuss role of hormones in photoperiodism. SHORT QUESTIONS: What is


The response of plant to the relative length of light and dark period is called photoperiodism. I here are number of plants responses controlled FA photoperiods. Some of these are: I. Flowering in short day and long din Plants formation of tubers in potato