Subjective Questions:



  1. I.What is root. Give its different types and functions.
    What is stem? Give its descriptive terms.
  2. Describe different types of stem.
  3. Describe different types of underground stems. Give their importance.
  4. Describe different special types of stems.
  5. What is leaf? Give its functions and chief type:;.
  6. What are stipules? Give its types.
  7. What are phylotaxis and venation? Give their types.
  8. Give descriptive terms of leaf.
  9. What is flower? Give its parts. Flower is modified shoot. Discuss.
  10. . What is bract? Give its different types.
  11. What is symmetry of flower? Give its types.
  12. Give general descriptive terms of flower.
  13. What is thalami’s? Give different insertions on it.
  14. Give descriptive terms of calyx and corolla.
  15. What is androecium? Give its descriptive terms.
  16. What is gynoecium? Give its evolution and terms.
  17. What is placentation? Give its types.
  18. What is floral diagram? Give its method.
  19. What is floral formula? Give its different symbols.

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