1. What is the importance of copepods in marine ecosystem?
  2. Give general characteristics of Phylum Arthropoda.
  3. What is common between Arthropods and Annelids?
  4. What arc the advantages of exoskeleton?
  5. Describe the composition of cuticle.
  6. Give different modifications in cuticle.
  7. Describe molting or ecdysis in Arthropods.
  8. Describe metamorphosis in Arthropods.
  9. Gist classification of Arthropods.
  10. Discuss further phylogenetic consideration of Arthropods


1. Give two major characteristics of Phylum Arthropoda.

Ans: Chitinous exoskeleton provides support and protection. It is modified to form sensory structures. They have paired jointed appendages.

2. What type of blood vascular system is present in Arthropods?

Ans: They have open circulatory system. Blood is released into tissue space; haemocoel derived from the blastocoel.

3. What is the significance of metamorphosis?

Ans: It reduces competition between immature and adult stages.

4. Name three sub-phylum of Arthropoda.

Ans: Chelicerata, Crustacea, Uniramia and Trilobitomorpha.

5. What is chitin?

Ans: Chitin is a tough leathery polysaccharide.

6. What is Sclerotization?

Ans:  It is a tanning process in which layers of protein is chemically cross-linked with one another. It hardens and darkens the exoskeleton.

7. What is ecdysis or molting?



Ans: The periodic shedding of e ()skeleton for growth in arthropods is called molting process called ecdysis.

8. What is metamorphosis?

Ans: The radical change in body born and physiology from immature larval stage to adult is called metamorphosis.

9. What is meant by biramous appendages?

Ans: In this case, each appendage has two branches.

10. Name the classes of Sub — phylum Chelicerata?

Ans: Merostomata, Arachnida and Pycnogonida.

11. Name the classes of Sub — phylum Chelicerata.

Ans: Class Remipedia, Cephalocarida, Class Branchiopoda,  Class Malacostraca, Class Copepods and Class Cirripedia.




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