SHORT QUESTIONS OF Plant Systematics

      1.What is systematic?

 Ans: The study of kinds and diversity of organisms and the evolutionary relationship among them is called
systematic or taxonomy.

2. Is there any difference between systematic and taxonomy?

 Ans: Some biologists differentiate between systematic and taxonomy.They believe: The original description of species is called taxonomy.   The assignment of species into evolutionary groups is called systematic.
  3.Give two importance of taxonomy.



 Ans: Plant systematics also provides basis of genetics. Genetic analyses are perlbrmed on the basis of                               systematics. Plant systematics has great importance in agriculture and herbal medicines. It provides us                               economic importance of different plants.


4.What is the role of evolution in taxonomy?

Ans: Carolus Linnaeus did not accept evolution. But still many of his groupings show evolutionary relationships.              <spa

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