Seed is an important source of dispersal of species of a plant to other places. Seeds are dispersed to far off places. Thus the genes of a population of plant are dispersed to other places. There are different methods of dispersal of seed:



  1.  Role of fruit in the dispersal of seed: Most of the seeds are enclosed in the fruits like mango, guava and dates etc. The animals cat the flesh of fruit and throw, away the seeds. Some seeds are not digested in the gut of an  So they are thrown at different places with feces. Thus fruits are important source of the dispersal of fruits.
  1. Special structures on seeds: Some seeds are sticky in nature. 1 hey are attached with Or of the animals and are dispersed to far off places. For example, the seed of midcago.
  2. Feathery seeds: The seeds of sonic plants have hairy feathers. Thus they are dispersed by wind.
  3. Light seeds: The seed of grasses are light in weight. So they are easily dispersed by wind.
  4. Floating seeds: Some seed like coconut can float in-water. Water takes them away to far off places.Ecological significance of dispersal of seed
    1. Population of specie establish in another biome by dispersal of seeds.
    2. Seeds are importance source of primary and secondary succession.
    3. Seeds are food of many herbivores and omnivores. So they have role in food chain.
    4. Dispersal of seed in different places decreases the intraspecific competition among the local vegetation.

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