The storage of seed in the soil is called seed bank. Seeds fall on the soil. They are buried in the soil. Some seeds germinate to form the new plants. Some seed does not grow and remain dormant. These seeds form the seed bank. Plant seeds can remain dormant for many years. This property of the seed has great significance for the survival of plants. Seed bank has following significance for the plants:

  1.  Sometimes. plants fail to develop sufficient number of seeds due to unfavorable conditions. The seed from seed bank grow to compensate this deficiency. In this way, population of the plant is not affected:
  1. Sometimes, unfavorable conditions persist for many years. These conditions are drought. high temperature, Alkalinity. salinity and water logging. The land becomes totally unfavourable for vegetation for many years. Thus seeds are not produced for many years. After some years, the conditions become favourable. Now seeds from the seed bank grow and maintain the population of specie.
  2. Sometimes, lire completely destroys the plants. Thus they are unable to produce seed. Seeds from seed bank grow and develop new vegetation.
  3. Seed bank play an important role in primary succession.
  4. Seed bank regulates the population size of the plant in normal conditions.




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