The organic substances of the cells used up in the respiratory process are called respiratory substrate. There are following respiratory substances.

I. Carbohydrates: Simple carbohydrates are the chief respiratory

material. Starch and sucrose are the most important respiratory substrate. The reserve carbohydrates like starch are first transformed into the simple carbohydrates. Then they are consumed in respiration.

2. Fats: Fats are respiratory substrate in oily seeds. Fats are first converted into sugars. Then they are used in respiratory process. For example, castor oil seed are rich in fats reserve. These fats are converted into sucrose during germination of seed. Fats are broken into fatty acts. These fatty acids are then changed into acetyl CoA. So the enter into the Krebs cycle.

3. Proteins: Sometimes, carbohydrates or fats are not available. Then protein are utilized. Some seed are protein rich like bean. In such seeds,  Proteins acts respiratory substrate. Proteins are broken into amino acids.Different amino acids enter into different reactions of krebs cycle.




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