Biology Concepts and Articles

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Areas of Genetics

Genetics is divided into two parts: Classical and Mendelian genetics. (a) Classical Genetics The techniques and methodologies of genetics are called classical genetics. This genetics give rise to molecular biology. The discovery of the genetic codes and tools of cloning like restriction enzymes open


Electrolytes The substances that conduct electric current in aqueous solution are called electrolytes. Electric current decompose an electrolyte into its ions. The process of decomposition of electrolytes into its ions is called electrolysis. For example electric current is passed through an aqueous solution of


GENETIC UNITY: Great genetic unity is present among the organisms. The nature and mode of transfer of genetic material in the organism is similar both in animals and plants: There are following aspects of genetic unity: Unity in nature of the genetic material The

Mendelian Inheritance

The study of transfer of hereditary characters (genes) from parent to offspring is called genetics (from the Greek genno= cis birth). It is the science of genes. heredity and the variation of organisms. William Bateson in 1905 suggested NA ord “genetics” to describe the

Solutions, Acid Base And Colloidals

A homogeneous mixture of two or more substances is called solution. The dissolved substance is called solutes. 1  substance  which dissolves a solute is called solvent. The solutions in which water acts as solvent are called aqueous solutions. For example solution of water and