Objectives of Evolution

Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs)

  1. Comparative anatomy was studied by:

(a) Empedocles (b) Darwin          (c) Buffon          (d) Lamarck

  1. The theory of acquired characters was put forward by:

(a) Empedocles (b) Darwin          (c) Buffon          (d) Lamarck

  1. Lamarck published his theory in(a) I 80.0            (b) 1802            (c) 1804           (d) 1806
    1. The age of Darwin at the end of the voyage was:

    (a) 19                (b) 25                (c) 27         .     (d) 30           5-On the Origin Species by Means of Natural Selection was published in:

(a) 1851          (b) 1857            (c) 1858           (d) 1859

6-Principics fkology was the book of:

(a) Wallace        (b) Darwin         (c) Lamarck      (d) Lyell

7-Theory of at formitarianism was developed by:

(a) Wallace        (b) Darwin           (c) Lamarck      (d) Hutton

8-Galapagos is named on:

(a) Lion              (b) Finches        (c) Tortoises     (d) Snake

9-Number species of finches are:

(a) 10                (h) 13                (e) 14               (e) 15

10-Essay on the Principe of Population was published by:

(a) Wallace        (b) Darwin         (c) Malthus       (d) Lyell

11-North America is present in the region:

(a) Palearctic     (b) Ethiopian     (c) Oriental (d) Neacrtic

12-Pakistan come within the region:

(a) Palearctic     (b) Ethiopian     (c) Oriental  d) Neacrtic

13-Africa includes in:

(a) Oriental         (b) Neacrtic       (c) Palearctic  (d) Ethiopian

14-Total number of regions are:

(a) 2      (h) 4      (c) 6   (d) 8


I. (c)      2. (d)     3. (b)    4. (c)     5. (d)   6: (d) 

7. (d)   8. (c)    9.(c)           10. (c)   11. (d)12. (c)

13. (d)   14. (c)




I. (b)    2. (b)     3. (d)    4. (c)     5. (d)   6. (d)   7. (b)    8. (a)

9. (b)      10. (b)     11. (c)      12. (d)     13. (d)     14. (a) 15.(d)     16. (b)     17. (a)


Fill in blanks

  1. Georges-Louis Buffon spent many years studying comparative ________.
  2. Lamarck proposed the theory of inheritance of______characteristics
  3. Darwin was commissioned as a naturalist on the_________
    1. Darwin spent 5 weeks on the________ Islands.
    2. The histological dead remains of the organism or their imprints

    preserved in the rocks are called________

    1. Darwin found the fossil of an extinct hippopotamus like

    animal. It is now called ___________

    1. Darwin also found fossils of giant_________ and giant

    8.         The formation of new. forms from an ancestral species in
    response to the opening of new habitats is called_________.

    1. Inherited variations arise by ________ mutation.
    2. Some other, variations are neither helpful nor harmful. These

    variations are called _________

    II. The____________ arc defined as characteristics that increase
    the potential of an organism or species to successfully reproduce in a specified environment.


    I. anatomy

    4. Galapagos

    7. armadillos

    10. neutral

    2. acquired 5. fossils

    8. radiation

    1. adaptations
    3. HMS Beagle

    6. Toxodon

    9. random



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