Objective Questions For Photosynthesis


Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs)

  1. Number of CO2 moleucles used during photosynthesis.

(a) 2                 (b) 5               (c) 6                 (d)

2          The free energy change during photosynthesis is;

(a) 680Keal      (h)560            (c) 686             (d) 654

  1. The cocept of limiting factor was given by:

(a) Sayer          (h) Dixon         (c) Blackman (d) None

  1. According to Vant Hoff’s law the rate of chemical reaction
    doubles for every rise of

(a) 10°C           (b) 20°C          (c) 30°C          .(d) 40°C

1. (c)   2. (c)   3. (c)4. (a)

Fill in blanks

  1. A plot (graph) showing absorption of light of different wavelength

by a pigment is called _______ spectrum.

  1. The plot showing relative effectiveness of different wavelengths of

light in photosynthesis is called _____ spectrum.



  1. Principle of limiting factors is stated that when many factors affect on a process the rate of the process is limited by the pace of the factor.Ans

    I. absorption              2. action ‘      3. slowest

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