Objective for Grower& Plant Hormones

Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs)

  1. The hormone which promote apical dominance is:

;a) Gibberellins             (b) Auxins        (c) ethene      (d) Cytokinins

  1. Abscission is prevented by:

(a) Gibber-Inns            (b) Auxins        (c)ethene       (d) Cytokin ins

  1. Gibbe .11ins was first obtained from:(a) Plants                (b) Algae      (c) Fungi       (b) Bacteria
    1. Seed of dormancy can be broken by:

    (a) Gibberellins         (b) Auxins     (c) ethene     (d) Cytokinins

    1. Leaf senescence is delayed by:

    (a) Gibberellins         (b) Auxins     (c) ethene     (d) Cytokin ins


    1. (b) 2. (b) 3. (c) 4. (a) 5. (d)

    FM in blanks

    I. The meristems present at the tips of roots and shoot are called

    ________ meristems.

    1. The meristenc situated at the bases of _________ is ‘called
      intercalary meristem.
    2. The cylinders of dividing cells present in the vascular and __
      tissue of the plants are called lateral meristems.
    3. The special substances produced by the plants which influence the

    growth and plant responses are called ilant___

    1. The phenomenon in which ovary changes into fruit •without

    fertilization is called_______

    1. The production of________ increases iii ovary after pollination.
    2. The rapid stem elongation of rosette plant is called

    S. The rate of respiration of the fruit increases. It is called ___


    I. apical        2. internodes 3. cork          4. hormones

    5. parthenocarpy                6. auxin        7. bolting

    1. climacteric

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