Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs)

  1. Average rain fall in Pakistan is less than

(a) 400mm                  (b) 250mm     (c) 340mm      (d) 450inm

  1. The percentage of earth covered with water is:

(a) 50%                        (b) 25%          (c) 75%            (d) 23%

  1. The percentage of water in the form of frozen form is:

(a) 23%                        (b) 2%            (d) 10%           (d) 56%

  1. The taxonomists have described species:

(a) 1.5 million               (b) 1.4 million (d) 1.6million   (c1) I .7million

  1. The length of canals in Pakistan is:

(a) 40790 miles           (b) 80790 miles (c) 47790 miles (c) 10790 miles

  1. Which of the followings is secondary pollutant?

(a) CO                           (b) S               (c) PAN               (d) Hl

  1. Photochemical reaction produces:

(a) CO                           (b) S               (c) PAN             (d) Hl

  1. Green house effect is caused by:

(a) CO                         (b) CO2            (c) H2               (d) CFC

  1. Ozone depletion is caused by:

(a) CO                         (b) CO2            (c)  H2      (d) CFC

  1. Which of the followings is environment is green gas?

(a) LPG                         (b) CO2            (c) H2   (d) CNS

  1. The length of slope is a:

(a)Topograpbie            (b) Edaphic(c) Geological – (d)Biotic

  1. Physical, chemical and moisture characteristics of the soil:

(a) Topographic            (b.)Edaphic  (e) Geological (d) Biotic




  1. Number of acres suffering of soil erosion are:

(a) 100million            (h) 120 million (d) 160 million (d). 200 million

  1. (b) 2. (c)  3. (b) 4. (b) 5. (a) 6. (c)   7. (c)  8. (b) 9. (d)
    10:(d) 11. (a) 12. (b) 13. (b)

Fill in blanks


  1. Air _______ is several kilometers thick blanket of atmosphere surrounding the earth.
  1. The soil which is saturated with water is called water logged soil and this problem is called water______
  1. The soil in which salt crust is left due to evaporation of water is called saline soil and this problem is called___
  1. The presence of substances in the atmosphere produced directly or indirectly by man which affect his health and properties is called ______ pollution.

5. The fog with smoke and chemical fumes forming dark and thick covering called________

  1. Two stroke engines should be replaced by four stroke engines Four stroke engine do not produce____
  1. The increased productivity of lake caused due to enrichment of
    ________ is called eutrophication.
  2. The wearing away of the soil by wind, water, snow or gravity is called soil _______
  1. All non-cultivated plants and non-domesticated animals are included in _____life.


1. air            2. logging    3. salinity     4. air         5. smog

6. CO           7. nutrients  8. erosion     9. wild


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