Objective & Fill in the blanks of Nucleus and Chromosomes

Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs)

  1. The average diameter of nucleus is:

(a) 5P               (b) 15p             (c) 25p             (d) 351.’

  1. The two membranes are separated of nucleus are separated by:        (a) 30 to 40nm (b) 20 to 40nm (c) 10 to 40nm (d) 50 to 90nm
  2. Number of annular unit in nuclear membrane are:

(a) 4                 (b) 6                 (c) 8                 (d) 10

  1. The carrier protein in nuclear protein is:

(a) Intrinsic      (b) Importin     (c) Extrensic    (d) None

  1. The stained material is collectively called:                                                        (a) chromatin (b) Euchrornatin (c) Chromosome(d) None
  2. Chromosome is capped by:

(a) NOR            (b) Telomere (c) Chromatin (d) none

  1. Heterochromatin is present in:

(a) Chromatid (b) Centromere (c) NOR                  (d) None

  1. Four types of Histone protein form a core particle called:

(a) Chromatid (b) Centromere (c) NOR                  (d) nucleosome

  1. The diameter of solenoid is:

(a) 30nm           (b) 50 11111      (c) 70nm           (d) 60

10-The beaded string can coil tightly with the help of histone:

(a) Ha                (b) HI                (c) I                  (d) FI,

11-The solenoid fiber forms loops called

(a) Histone        (b) Nucleosoine(c) Solenoid         (d) loop domains.

12-The active portions of chromosomes are called:

(a) Heterochromatic (b) euchromatic                    (c) chromatid

13-The inactive portions of chromosomes are:

(a) Heterochromatic (b) euchromatic                    (c) chromatid

14-The complete set of all chromosomes of a cell of any living organism:

(a) I listone       (b) karyotype (c) Solenoid           (d) loop domains.

15-The dye used in classical karyotype analysis is:

(a) Fulegen        (b) Basic            (c) Giemsa         (d) Gram

16-The drug which prevents cytokinesis is:

(a) Fulegen        (h) Basic            (c) Giemsa         (d) Colchicine




1. (a) 2. (b) 3. (c) 4. (b) 5. (a) 6. (b) 7. (b) 8. (b)
9. (a) 10. (b) 11. (d) 12. (b) 13. (a) 14. (b) 15. (d) 16.(d)


Fill in blanks

  1. The nuclear envelope is composed of double membrane. The two

membranes are separated by a space called_____ space.

  1. Perinuclear is about___________
  2. A layer of protein is present closely associated with the nuclear

side of the inner membrane. It is called nuclear_________

  1. Eight protein molecules arc called ______ subunits.
  2. Nucleoli are present at____________ organizers.
  3. Four types of Histone protein form a core particle called_________;
  4. The solenoid fiber forms loops called loop___________
  5. _________ region are inactive portions of chromosomes.
    1. The active portions of chromosomes are called _______
    2. A __ is the complete set of all chromosomes of a cell of
      any living organism.
    3. _________ is a drug which prevents cytokinesis.


1. perinuclear 2.20 to 40nm 3. lamina   4. annular

5. nucleolar      6. nucleosome 7. domains         8.Heterochromatic
9. euchromatic 10. karyotype 11. Colchicine

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