Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) and Fill In the blanks

  1. Experiments on Plant Hybridization was written by:

(a) Sutten          (b) Mendel    (c) Darwin     (d) De Varies

  1. Word gene was used by:

(a) Sutten      (b) Mendel    (c) Bateson    (d) De Varies

  1. The cross in which two characters are followed at the same time is called:

(a) Monhybrid cross           (b) Reciprocal cross

(c) Dihybrids cross            (d) Hybrid cross

  1. When round wrinkle were cross, it gave all round. This
    round is:

(a) PI generation               (b) F1 generation

(c) F2 generation               (d) FA Generation

  1. When tall is crossed with dwarf, F1 gives tall, it is:

(a) Recessive (b) Hybrid      (c) Dominant (d) none

  1. The law of segregation gives genotypic ratio in F2 as:

(a) 2:1          (b) 4:1         (c) 3:1          (d) 1:2:1

  1. In F3 cross the round produce only round were:

(a) V,              (b) 1/3         (c) v2           (d) None

  1. If test cross gives all dominant characters it means the parent is:

(a) Homozygous recessive  (b) Heterozygous  ‘

(c) Homozygous dominant   (d) Heterozygous dominant

  1. The gametes of F1 are formed in ratio:

(a) 1:2              (b) 1:1:1:1   (c) 9:3:3:1    (d) 1:1

  1. The gene linkage minimize the chances of:

(a) Cross over                  (b) Segregation

(c) Genetic recombination   (d) Independent assortment

There are 80% parental and 20% recombinant in a

cross. Its recombinant frequency is:

(a) 10%        (b) 20%      (c) 40%          (d) 80%


  1. (b) 2. (c) 3. (c) 4. (c) 5. (c) 6. (d) 7. (a) 8. (c) 9. (b) 10. (a) 11. (b)

Fill in blanks



I. The study of transfer of hereditary characters (genes) from

parent to offspring is called ___

  1. __________ genetics includes the training of genetists to
    diagnose, treat, and counsel patients with genetic disorders or syndromes.
  2. Mendel called the character as_____ pair of a trait.
  3. A variety which always produces offspring identical to the

parents by self- fertilization is called _________ variety.

  1. The offspring produced by the cross fertilization between two

plant, differing in one character are called ________

  1. The offspring produced by the cross fertilization between two

plant, differing in two characters are called_______

  1. When two pure line parents are crossed with each other, they are

called first________ generation.

  1. The hereditary information are transmitted from parents to

offspring through________

  1. When both the alleles of a gene pair in an organism are same, it is called
    1. When both the alleles of a gene pair in an organism are different,

    it is called _________

    1. The cross which is used to determine the genotype of an

    individual is called_________

    1. The F2    of law of independent assortment progeny gives

    _________ phenotypic ratio.

    1. genetics    2. classical   3. elementon 4.true breed

    5. Monohybrid 6. dihybrid                        7. filial           8. genes

    9. homozygous 10. Heterozygous          11. Test

    12. 9:3:3:1

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