1.  The vascular tissue is confined to the central region of the stem forming:

(a) Bundles   (b) stele        (c) Cortex      (d) Pcricycle

2.  The leaves which bear the sporangia are called:

(a) sporophyl Is (b) Bract    (c) Cone        (d) Strobilus

3.  One or two peripheral layers persist for the nourishment of the developing spores. These nourishing cells form:

(a) Elators         (b) Sopores       (c) Jacket         (d) tapetum.

4.  Match gametophyte with one of the followings:

(a) Prothellus (b) Thallus            (c) Cone           (d) Strobilus

5.  Selaginella belongs to division

(a) Lycopsida (b) Pteropsida (c) Psilopsida (d) Sphenopsida

6.  Hone tails are:

( a) Lycopsida (b) Pteropsida (c ) Psilopsida (di Sphenopsida

7.   Marsilea belongs:

(a) Lycopsida (b) Ptcropsida (c) Psilopsida (d) Sphenopsida

8.  Which of the followings is fern?

(a) Psilopsida (b) Pteropsida (c) Lycopsida (d) Sphenopsida

9.  Which of the followings is most primitive division?

(a) Lycopsida (b) Pteropsida (c) Psilopsida (d) Sphenopsida

10.  Club mosses are:

(a) Lycopsida (b) Pteropsida (c) Psilopsida (d) Sphenopsida

11.  The protostele in which xylem core is Smooth and
rounded is:

(a) Haplostele (b) Actinostlele (c) Plectostele (d) Siphonostele

12.  The protostele in which xylem core is star like is called:
(a) Haplostele (b) Actinostlele (c) Plectostele (d) Siphonostele

13.  The siphonostele inwhich two cylinders of vascular tissue are present in the stele is:

(a) Haplostele (b) Actinostlele (c) Plectostele (d) Polycyclic

14. In Xylem in which protoxylem is lying in the middle of Metaxylem is:

(a) Exarcsh        (b) Mesarch       (c) Endarch      (d) Diarch

15.  The stele in which xylem forms several plates is:

(a) Haplostele (b) Actinostlele (c) Plectostele (d) Polycyclic

16.  The xylem in which protoxylem is lying on the periphery of metaxylem is:

(a) Exarch         (b) Mesarch       (c) Endarclt      (d) Diarch

17.  The triad of sporangia is called:

(a) hirers           (b) synangium (c) Jacket           (d) tapetum

18.  The primary androgonial cell divides to produces a mass of:

(a) Androgonial (b) androcytes (c) Antherozold (d) None

19.  Match ligule with one of the followings:

(a) Root           (b) Leaf           (c) stem            (d) Rhizome



20.  Many sporophylls form:

(a) cones          (b) Spores        (c)Sporangia (d) None

21.  The inner most layer of sporangium of Selaginella is:

(a) Elators        (b) synangium (c) Jacket ‘        (d) tapetum

22.  Primary ventral cell is formed from:

(a) Cover cell (b) Cap cell        (c) Central cell (d) Axial cell

23.  The primary ventral cell give rises to

(a) Jacket         (b) Tapetum (c) Oosphere (d) Oospore

24.  The oospore divides into two cells. The upper cell enlarges. It is called:

(a) Suspensor (b) Cotyledon (c) Embryonal (d) Protonema

25.  Mature vascular bundles have a canal called:

(a) carinal        (b) Vellular      (c) Central        (d) None

26. The stele present in Equisetum is:

(a) Haplostele (b) Actinostlele (c) Plectostele (d) Siphonostele

27.  The outer most layer epispope splits to form four bands. These bknds separate from the spore wall on drying. These bands are called:

(a) Jacket         (b) Tapetum     (c) Oosphere (d) Elators

28.  Sporocarp is formed in:

(a) Adiantum (b) Marsilea        (c) Equisetum (d) Polypodium

29.  The son i are produced in hard fruit-bodies in Marsilea called:

(a) Sporangia (b) Sporophylls (c) Ovule          (d) sporocarps

30.  In the megasporangium only one spore develops further. All others disintegrate forming a mucilaginous mass or:

(a) Jacket         (b) Tapetum     (c) plasmodium(d) Elators

31.  Number of layers in the Tapetum of Polypodium are:

(a) One            (b) Two            (c) Three          (d) Four


1. (b) 2. (a) 3. (d) 4. (a) 5. (a) 6:(d) 7. (b) 8. (b) 9. (c) 10. (a) 11. (a) 12. (b) 13. (c) 14. (d) 15. (b) 16. (a) 17. (b) 18. (b) 19. (b) 20. (a) 21. (d) 22. (c) 23. (c) 24. (a) 25. (a) 26. (d) 27. (d) 28. (b) 29. (d) 30. (c) 31. (b)

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