1. Give general structure of fungi.
  2. Discuss reproduction in fungi.
  3. Describe classification of fungi.
  4. Discuss occurrence, general structure and reproduction in Plasmodiophora.
  5. Write not Pythium.
  6. Describe structure and life cycle of Penicillium.
  7. Describe life cycle of Saccharomyces.
  8. Write note on Alternaria.
  9. Describe life cycle of Ustilago
  10. Describe life cycle of Puccinia.
  11. Write note on Agaricus.
  12. Give economic importance of fungi.
  13. Write note on disease of rust.
  14. Write note on disease of smut.
  15. Write note on disease of Downy mildew.
  16. Write note on diseases of powdery mildew and damping off.
  17. Describe structure and reproduction in Physcia.

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