1. Describe four approaches of animal behavior
  2. Discuss proximate and ultimate causes and anthropomorphism.
  3. Discuss different factors involved in development of-behavior.
  4. Write note on learning and instincts.
  5. Write note on imprinting.
  6. Write note on learning.
  7. Write note on habituation.
  8. Discuss instrumental conditioning.
  9. Write note not on latent and insight learning.
  10. Discuss role of nervous system in the control of behavior.
  11. Discuss role of endocrine system in the control of behavior.
  12. Write note on visual communication.
  13. Discuss foraging behavior.
  14. Write note in living in groups.
  15. Write on agnostic behavior, territories, and dominance hierarchies.
  16. Write note altruism.

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