1. What are elements? Give major and trace element.
  2. What is atom? Give its structure.
  3. Write note on isotopes.
  4. What are energy levels or shell? How many shells are present in the atoms? Give examples.
  5. Write note on hydrogen bonding.
  6. Write note on acid, base and buffer.
  7. What is pH? How is it controlled by buffer?
  8. Draw the formulas of different functional groups.
  9. Draw structural formula of carbohydrates.
  10. Write not on carbohydrates.
  11. Write note on fats.
  12. Write note phospholipids.
  13. Give importance of protein.
  14. Write note on amino acids.
  15. Discuss the structure of protein.
  16. Write note on nucleotide and nucleic acids.

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