Importance of Plant Systematics

Plant systematic has great importance for the study of botany:

  1.  It is used to describe different species. The description of each new species is preserved. It is used for comparison.
  2. Plant systematic is used to name different plants. It sets rule for nomenclature. ,This nomenclature has eliminated   the confusion among different botanists. Now knowledge of plants can be shared between botanists of different countries without problem of language and culture.
  3. Plant systematic develops evolutionary relationship among the different groups of plants. It gives evolutionary trends among the plants.

  4. Plant systematic provides basis kw the comparison of morphological, anatomical and cytological structures among different structures.



  5. Plant systematic also provides basis of genetics. Genetic analysis are performed on the basis of systematic,

  6. Plant systematic has great importance in agriculture and herbal medicines. It provides us economic importance of different plants.


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