Fill In Blanks Of Bryophytes

Fill In Blanks Of Bryophytes

        1.  The basal swollen portion of the archegonium is called the ………….

  1. Algae show isomorphic alternation of generation. But

bryophytes show_______ alternation of generation.

  1. Asexual reproduction takes place by _____ formation in
    algae. But it is absent in bryophytes.
  2. Some thallus forms tubers. These tubers are rich in stored fats


  1. A________ is present in the centre of the capsule.
  2. A narrow region encircles the columella. This region contains

spores and multicellular_____

  1. Cells of the amphithecium divide to produce an outer layer of jacket initials and an inner layer of sporogenous tissue or
  2. Certain cells of the sporophyte can develop into gametophytes directly under certain conditions. This phenomenon is called
    9.   The leaves adjacent to the sex organs are called…………….
    10.  The archegonia and bracts forms structure called……………
    Ans:1. vcnter                      2. heteromorphic        3. zoospore



    4. proteins                   5. columella                6. e1aters

    7. archesporium         8. apospory                 9. bracts

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