Family 7: Moraceae characters , Floral formula & importance

(Mulberry , Family) Diagnostic characters

  1. Habit: Mostly tree herbs, shrubs or vines.
  2. Roots: Tap root
  3. Stem: Woody; gum exudes from the stem.
  4. Leaves: Petiolate; alternate; simple; stipulate;
  5. Inflorescence: Catkin or flypanthodium
  6. Flower: Small inconspicuous; bracteate and bracteolate; actinomorphic; incomplete; unisexual; hypogynous
  7. Perianth: 4, in two whorls,
  8. Stamens in male flowers: 4-5 stamens; opposite to the perianth.
  9. Carpel in female flowers: Carpels 2; Simple, ovary superior; apocarpous; basal placentation.
  10. Fruits: An achene, drupe or nuts. sometimes syconus
  11. Seed: Endospermic or non-endospermic.

Floral formula and floral diagram

floral diagram


Economic Importance



  1. Fruits: Some of trees of this family yield edible fruits. Some of these are Mulberr bread fruit.
  2. Used for shade: Some trees of this family are grown for their excellent shade from sun rays. These trees are peepal banyan Rubber: Fiscus elasticu (rubber tree) is cultivated form obtaining commercial rubber.
  3. Cultivation of silk worm: The leaves of mulberry are used for cultivation of silk worms. Silk worms produce silk which has great commercial value.
  4. Paper: The bark of Paper mulberry is used for paper making.
  5. Commercial fibers: Cannabis yields commercial Fibers. These fibers are used in making ropes.
  6. Drugs: Some plants of this family give important drugs andnarcotics U4…4 Some of these are bhang Charas.
  7. Paints and soaps: The seeds of cannabis (hemps) give oil which is used in paints and soaps.

Distribution pattern

This family contains 55 genera and 1000 specie. They are mostly distributed in tropical areas. Some species are also found in temperate region.

Common species

  1. Morus alba (Mulberry)
  2. Ficus atrial
  3. Ficus Bengalensis (banyan
  4. Ficus elasrica (Rubber plant)
  5. Ficus religiosa

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