Factors affecting absorption of water by root

Following factors affect the absorption of water by root:

I. Soil Temperature: The rate of water absorption increases with a rise in soil tempera’ tire. lint this rise to a limit. Temperatures allosc 35°C affect the permcabilit) of the plasma membrane and decrease water absorption. Lowering of soil temperature greatly reduces water absorption. Cold soils are. thereliire. physiologicallndry. Some of the more important causes of decreased absorption at lo m soil

temperatures are as follows:   •



  • Lob temperature increases the iscosity of \salt:E.
  • IAM temperature decreases the rate in’ root elongation.
  • Low temperature reduces the metabolic acti% it of the lb lug cells of the roots.
  1. Soil air: Water absorption also needs energy. This energy is released in the process of respiration. Oxygen is required for respiration. This oxygen is provided by soil air. Therefere. water absorption depends on availability of soil air. Waterlogged sods have little air. So the plants wilt in this soil.
  2. Soil water: Increase in the xsater content of the soil increases water absorption. But this increase is to a certain limit. Over irrigation of soil decrease soil aeration. Thus it decreases the water absorption.
  3. Root system: The absorption of %utter also depends on root system of plants. Some plants ha % e well developed root system. It spreads ot large distances. Therefore, it increases the absorption of water.
  4. Association of mycorrhitte: Mycorrhizae is an association of fungi and roots of higher plants. Fungi increase the ability of absorption of water by roots.
  5. Transpiration: The rate or increase of transpiration increases the rate of absorption of water by the root. Transpiration produces transpiration pull in the xy lents vessels. It pulls water upward. Thus negative pressure is produced in the xylem of root. It draws water fmm the soil.

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