TERMS /                             DEFINITIONS
Primer This chain of nucleotides is called a primer.
Gene • A sequence of bases in DNA that codes for the synthesis of one polypeptide is called gene.
Genetic code The genetic code is a sequence of three bases
Transcription The synihesis of messenger RNA from DNA is called transcription.
Primary transcript The     newly    transcribed     mRNA   is    called    the     primary
Translation          • The synthesis of protein at the ribosomes form mRNA is called translation.
Mutation The changes in the genetic makeup             F a cell are called
Nonsense mutation Alterations in change of codon of an amino acid to a stor signal are called nonsense mutation.
Mutagenesis The creation of mutations is called mutagenesis •
Recombinant DNA The DNA which contains DNA from two different source is called Recombinant DNA.
Recombinant DNA technology The technology for the formation of recombinant DNA i: called DNA technology.
Vector The means by which recombinant DNA is introduced int, a host cell is called vector.
Gene therapy The insertion of genetic material into human cells for th treatment of a disorder is called gene therapy.

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