TERMS ‘gut.          DEFINITIONS
Mendel’s law of segregation The law of Mendel states that “the allele of gene present

on   the     homologous chromosomes         segregates     during
meiosis in such a way that each gamete get one allele not both”.

Reciprocal crosses The cross with same characteristics but a reversal of the sexes of the individuals is called reci.rocal cross.
Law of



independent assortment

‘When alleles of more than one trait are followed together in cross, the alleles of these traits assort independently to each other during gamete formation.”
kilocalorie A kilocalorie (Kcal) is the amount of heat necessary to raise 1 kg of water 1° C and is equal to 1,000 calories.
Multiple allele The presence of more than two alleles in a single gene in different combination is called multiple alleles.
Incomplete dominance The interaction between twb alleles that are expressed more or less equally, and the heterozygote is different from their homozygote is called incomplete dominance
Codominance The phenomenon in which heterozygote expresses the phenotypes of both homozygote istalled Codominance.


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