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Evolution The individuals of the same species that occupy a give area at the same time and share a unique set of genes i called population.


Allele The change in frequency of alleles in a population i called evolution.



Frequency of alleles The abundance of a particular allele in relation to the sum

of   all    alleles     at   that   locus     in  a   population     is    called
frequency of an allele.

Gene pool The total genes of a trait in a population are called gene pool.
Modern synthesis The combination of the principles of population genetics

and  Darwinianevolutionary         theory    is       called      modern

The study of the genetic events in gene pools is called population genetics.

Population genetics
Genetic drift The   change    in  gene frequencies       by chance      is    caileo

genetic drift.

Gene flow Changes in gene frequency due to migration of individuals are called gene flow
Mutation pressure The measure of the tendency for gene frequencies tc change through mutation is called mutation pressure.
Selection pressure The tendency for natural selection to occur and                  upset

Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium is called selection pressure

Directional selection The   selection    in   which    individuals    at    one   phenotypic

extreme are at a disadvantage as compared to all other individuals in the population is called directional selection

Disruptive selection The   natural    selection    in   which    individuals    of the     most

commons     phenotypes      are    at    disadvantage     is     called
disruptive selection

StabIrixIbb selection The   side:Jim     wh!. :i    favoiiii,:.   tile    intermediate      against



extremes ic r.alit1 !ptai ilinyrslection

Polymorphism The   occiiirence      of ‘two     or   more    distinct     forms    in   a

por,iiar.loii n..vithr2Jt a range of phenotypes between them is called polymorphism.



Balanced         polymorphism          occurs       when        different

phenotypes        are      maintained      • at      relatively        stable

frequencies in the population.                                               ,

Heterozygote superiority Then condition in which heterozygote is more fit than either homozygote is called heterozygote superiority.
Parapatric speciation The   speciation   occurs    in   demes     is  called      parapatric
Dethe Deme is a small and local population
Parapatric speciation The   speciationoccurs    in   small   local    population     called

demes is called parapatric speciation.



Sympatric veciation Speciation   that   odours    in   populations    that   have

overlapping ranges is called sympatric speciation.

Mosaic evolution A change in a portion of an organism while the basic form of the organism is retained is called mosaic evolution.


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