DEFINITIONS AND KEY POINTS of CELL: Plasma membran & Cytoplasm

Homeostasis The   maintenance   of  a   constant  internal environment despite    fluctuations  in   the
external environment is called homoeo stasis.
Diffusion The movement of molecules from the area of higher concentrationto the area   of lower
concentration is called simple diffusion.
Facilitated diffusion The  movement of molecules   through the

protein  molecules  from   higher  to   lower
concentration is called facilitated diffusion.

Osmosis The diffusion of water across a selectively permeable membrane from an area of higher

concentration    to    an     area    of      lower
concentration is called osmosis.

Tonicity The relative concentration of solutes in the

water  inside and  outside the cell  is called

Active transport The movement of molecules form the area of

lower concentration to the area higher concentration by the expenditure of energy is called active-transport.

Endocytosis The bulk movement of material into the cell by formation of vesicle is called endocytosis.
Cytoplasm The living content of the protoplasm between



plasma  membraneand   nucleus  is             called

True solution The    small   moleculesand   ions  form          true

solution. The molecules present in the form of true solution are glucose, some amino acids. soluble salts, ions etc.

Colloidal solution Some large molecules form colloidal solution. Colloidal solution is present in two forms.
Sol Non-viscous colloidal solution is called sol. It is present in liquid form.
Gel The viscous colloidal solution is called gel. It

is  presentin  the  formof semi-solid.   ‘lite
peripheral part of cell is often like a gel.

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