TERMS                                    DEFINATIONS
Photosyntbes;      Photosynthesis  (photo-light,   synthesis-putting together) may be defined as the process in which the .-e. een plants synthesize carbohydrates from carbon . dioxide and water, using the energy of sunlight.
Absorption spectrum A   plot  (graph)showing absorption of light of different wavelength by a pigment is called
absorption spectrum.
Photolysis The splitting of water and release of oxygen during photosynthesis is called photolysis.


The returning back of the same excited electrons to the excited chlorophyll by producing a molecule of ATP it is called cyclic phosphorylation.
Chemiosmosis The coupling reaction in which synthesis of ATP molecule takes during movement of Flt across an If gradient is called chemiosmosis.
Calvin cycle The series of reactions in which carbon is flied in the synthesis of sugar is called Calvin — Benson cycle.
Principle        of



limiting factors

It is stated that when  many factors affect on a

process the rate of the process is limited by the pace of the slowest factor.

Vant Hoff’s Ipw According to this law the rate of chemical reaction doubles for every rise of 10°C.

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