Solution A homogeneous mixture of two or more substances

is called solution.  

Solute The dissolved substans Ice is called solutes
Solvent The substance which. dissolves a solute is called solvent.
Saturated solution A    solution  in   which  more  solutes  cannot  be

dissolved is called saturated solution.

Supersaturated Solution A saturated solution that can dissolve more solute

when  the   temperature      is              increased           is      called
supersaturated solution.

Electrolytes The   substances that  conductelectric  current in

aqueous solution are called electrelytes

Electrolysis The process of decomposition of electrolytes into its



ions is called electrolysis.                              .

Molartiy The number of moles of a solute per liter of a solution is called molarity.
Molarity The number of moles of a substance dissolved in in 1000 cm’ of solution is called molality.
Acid An acid is a substance that releases hydrogen tons (Fr) when dissolved in water.
Base A substance that releases hydroxyl ions (OFF) when dissolved in water is called base.

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