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Growth :                                     The quantitative   increase in  plant body   is called growth.

Meristem:                                   Meristents are young tissues or group of cells that retain the potential to divide.

Apical Meristems:                   The meristems present at the tips of roots and shoot are called apical meristems.

                                The meristem situated at the bases of internodes is called intercalary meristem.

Lateral Meristems:                 The   cylinders   of dividing  cells  present  in  the vascular and cork tissue of the plants                                                            are called lateral meristems.

Primary Growth:                     In this growth. primary tissues are added by the apical meristem. It increases

the                                                    length   of the plant.

Secondary Growth:               In this growth, secondary tissues are added by the intercalary or vascular cambium. It                                                       increases the thickness of plant.

Plant hormone The   special   substances                produced   by        the        plants

which influence the growth and plant responses are



called plant hormones.    ,

Apical dominance The phenomenon in which shoot apex inhibits the growth of lateral buds is called apical dominance.
Abscission The falling of leaves, flowers and fruits is called abscission.
Tropism The bending of plant organs like coleoptile. stem and root toward or away from stimulus due to unequal growth is called tropism.
Seed dormancy The physiological   inability of a seed to grow    is

called seed dormancy.

Rosette dwarf The plants with very short stem and crowed leaves are called rosette plant.
Bolting The rapid stein elongation of rosette plant is called bolting.
Fruit setting The start of fruit growth after pollination is called fruit setting.
Morphogeneas The   differentiationof different  tissueslike  root.

shoot from callous is called morphogenesis.

Leaf senescence The degradative changes which lead to death of an organ or organism are called leaf senescence.
Tissue culture The   in  vitrocultivation  of any   partof plant    in

nutrient medium is called tissue culture.

Callus An undifferentiated group of cells is called callus.



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