TERMS                    DEFINITIONS
Heliophytes The plants which grow best in full sunlight are called heliophytes.
Sciophytes The plants which grow best at lower light intensities are called sciophytes.
The plants which grow best in sun but can also grow fairly well under shade are called facultative sciophytes.
The plants which a4l1migh grow best at lower light intensities but can also grow well in full sunlight are called facultative heliophytes.
Soil The weathered layer of the earth crust is called soil.
Edaphology The study of soil is called Edaphology.
Colluviall soil



The soil transported by gravity or wind is known colluviall soil.
Aeolian The soil transported by wind is called aeolian soil
Glacial Soil transported by glaciers is glacial soil.
Alluvial Soil transported by water is called alluvial soil.
Loam A soil in which the sand, silt and clay particles are present. more or less in equal proportion is called loam.
Soil structure The soil structure includes the aggregation of soil particles.
Peat The soil containing 100% organic matter is known as peat.
Litter The material formed by recently fallen leaves is called litter.
Duff It is present below the layer of litter. It is derived from litter. Process of decomposition is started in this layer.         .
Leaf mold This layer is present below duff.  The decomposition is completed in this layer.
Humus The dark coloured amorphous substance formed by the partial decay of dead animals and plants is called humus.
Humification The process of humus formation is called Humification.
Precipitation Precipitation includes rain, snow, hail and dew.
Hydrophytes The plants grow in water reservoirs like ponds, lakes streams or rivers are called hydrophytes.
Antphibiophyte The moisture loving plants are amphibiophytes.
Mesophytes The land plants which grow in places which are neither dry nor wet are called mesophytes.
Xerophytes The desert plants are called xerophytes.


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