Definition & key points of Nucleus and Chromosomes

Telocentric The centromere is present at the ends of the chromatids.
Acrocentric The centromere is present near the end of chromatids. the chromosomes have two very small arm and iwo very long arms.
Sub metacentric The centromere is present near the middle of the chromatids. Chromosome contains arms of unequal length.
Metaccntric ‘Hie centromere is present at the middle of the

chromat ids.    Chromosome    contains    equal

Nucleosome Four types of Histone protein        form a core

particle called nucleosomc.

Looped domains The solenoid    fiber forms    loops called    loop
Heterochromatic region These are inactive portions of chromosomes.

They show a banding pattern        with certain
stains. So they are called heterochromatin.

Euchromatic region The   active    portions   of chromosomes     are



called euchromatic regions.

Karyotype A    karyotype  is    the  complete    set   of   all

chromosomes of a cell of any living organism.

Karyology The    stud)    of   karyotypes     is   known    as
Colchicine Colchicine      is    a    drug     which    prevents

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