Definition & key points of Molecular Genetics


conservative replication

The replication in which one strand of the DNA is conserved and the other strand is synthesized according to complementary base pairing is called semi-conservative replication.
RNA primer Short sequence of RNA which is synthesized before replication is called RNA primer
Okazaki fragments. The fragments of DNA which are synthesized along the lagging strand are called Okazaki fragments.
Minimal medium The minimal medium is composed of sugar. ammonia. salts, a few vitamins and water. It is used to grow organisms.
Central dogma The mechanism used for the expression of

gene   is  called  centraldogma.The• central

dogma     iscomposedof transcription   and



The     two    steps  of   central    dogma  i.e.



transcription   and     translation   are    also
collectively called gene expression.

Transcription The synthesis of mRNA from the DNA is called transcription.
Translation The synthesis of protein from RNA is called translation.
Genetic code Genetic     code   is    a   combination   of   3

nucleotides, which specify a particular amino acid.

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