Definition & key points of Chromosomal Aberration

Chromosome aberration Any   numerical   or  structural    change  in  the

usual chromosome complement of a cell or organism is called chromosome aberration.

Aneuploidy The       random      abnormal      number       of

chromosomes   in    the  animals  is    called   as
aneuploidy .

Polyploidy A   condition    in  which   the   organisms   have

more than two complete sets of chromosomes is called polyploidy.

Autopolyploids Autopolyploids      are    polyploids       in    with

chromosomes derived from a single species.

Allopolyploids Allopolyploids        are      polyploids        with

chromosomes derived from different species.

Deletion The   loss of part     of chromosome     is called
paralogs The   two    genes    that   exist   after   a   gene


  duplication event are called paralogs. Para logs code tor proteins witli a different function and structure.
Orthologous genes Ortholgous   genescode   for  proteins   with



similar functions hut exist in different species.

Translocation The     interchange  of   parts   betweennon‑

homologous    chromosomes     is     called
chromosome translocation.

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