Definations and Key points of Concepts Of Ecology

TERMS  Definations
Ecology Ecology is defined as the study of the relationship of organisms to their environment.
Environment The physical and biological conditions under which an organism lives is called environment.
Population The group of inter-breeding individuals belonging to same species and living in a common geographic area is called population.
Community All populations within an ecosystem are known as a community.
Biomes The major regional ecological community of plants and animals arc called bionics.   –
Ecosystem A biological community together with the associated abiotic environment is called ecosystem.
Autecology The study of relationship of a single population to ‘ its environment is called autecology.
Synecology The study of relationship of different communities or group of population to their environment is called synecology or community ecology.
Ecological niche The basic role or profession of an organism in a community is called ecological niche.
Deforestations Clearance of vast areas of forest for number. planting subsistence crops or grazing cattle is called as deforestation.
Reforestation The replantation of trees in a forest is called reforestation
Wild life All  non-cultivated plants and non-domesticated animals are included in wild life.
Watershed An area from which water fall in the form of rain or snow collects into a  stream and river is called watershed.

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