Deffinition & Key Points of Evolution

Evolution The change  over time   in  specie  is called


Adaptive radiation The formation of new forms from an ancestral species in response to the opening of new habitats is called adaptive radiation.
Geology The study of the earth is called geology.
Allele The   change  in  frequency of alleles    in   a

population is called evolution.

Frequency of alleles The abundance of a particular allele in relation to the sum of all alleles at that locus in a population is called frequency of an allele.
Gene pool The total genes of a trait in a population are called gene pool.
Modern synthesis The    combination  of   the   principles  of

population      genetics    and    Darwinian

evolutionary   theory   is   called modern

Population genetics The study of the genetic events in gene pools is called population genetics.
Genetic drift The change in gene frequencies by chance is called genetic drift.
Gene flow Changes in gene frequency due to migration of individuals are called gene flow.

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