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Morphological Characters of Flowers

The highly specialized shoot which is responsible for the production of fruits and seeds is called flower. Flowers are concerned with the sexual reproduction. Flower has following pans. 1.Sepals: Sepals are outermost green part of flower. They enclose the other floral part of the

Morphological Characters of Leaves

Leaves are green flat structures borne on the stem or on the braches. Leases arise from the nodes. I hey have buds in their axils. Lein es increase the surlitee area kw absorption of sunlight. They prepare lbod by photosynthesis. They also carry on


The portion of the primary axis of plant which develops from which plumate is called main stem. The axis with leaves is called shoot. Stein has node and internodes. The part of stem from leave arises is called node. The part of stem between

Functions of Roots

         I. Roots anchor the plant to the soil. They absorb water and minerals for plants. They store reserve food. Sonic roots are used for clinging. Some roots are used for vegetative growth. Fig: Functions of roots


The cylindrical plane organ without chlorophyll, growing towards the gravity is called root. Roots have following morphological characters Kinds of Roots There are two groups of roots: Tap root and Adventitious roots. (a) Tap root The root directly arises from the seed is called