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Cell wall of plant anatomy development

Structure of cell wall Cell wall is present only in plant cells. Cell wall is non-protoplasmic. It is considered as metabolic byproduct of the protoplast. Cell wall provides support and protection to cell. It also plays an important role in absorption, translocation and secretion.


Give medicinal and condiment uses of family Ranunculaceae: ANS:Medicinal plants: Some members are used as medicinal plants. Aconitwn yields an alkaloid aconitina. Thu ields mamira. It is used in the treatment of ophthahnia. Some members arc used as condiments. For example, seeds of !Vigella.

FAMILY 13: LILIACEAE (Monocot Family)

(Onion Family) Diagnostic characters    I. Habit: Mostly annual or biennial herbs. Some plants are xerophytic. Roots: Fibrous adventitious roots. In some cases roots become tuberous. Stem: Herbaceous; fleshy in some plants; aerial braches are erect; some develops underground stem rhizome, corm, bulb etc.