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The process of community development is called succession. Different stages are involved in the development of succession in a bare area. These stages are migration ecesis. aggregation, competition reaction and stabilization Migration All bare areas are without seed or other propagules. Seeds, spores and


The process of community development is called succession. Community changes alter the ecosystem . This change favours the competitors. Thus the species  replace one another. Finally a stable. self sustaining climax community is reached. Succession is a kind of community relay. in this case.


There are following two types of sampling methods: (a) Transect method A transect is a long rectangular sample plot. It is used to study variations in vegetation. Vegetation varies with the changing environments. These variations are caused by slope, exposure, edaphic and topographical irregularities.


The attributes (characteristics) of a commit), are classified into three main groups: analytic. synthetic and physiognomic. (a) Analytic characteristics The characteristics which can be analyzed by quantitative or qualitative methods are called analytic characteristics. These may be qualitative or quantitative characteristics. Qualitative Characteristics The


The populations of different species living in the same habitat is called community. According to Oosting (1956). plant community is an aggregation of individuals with mutual relationships among themselves and to their environments. Thus community has two parts: Mutual Relationship among Individuals It includes

Objective For Population Ecology

Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) The number of indiyiduals living in a unit area is called: (a) Density                    (b) Natality        (c) Mortality     (d) Dispersion The rate at which the new individuals are added to a population in a unit time is: (a) Density                    (b) Natality       

Subjective and Short Questions For Population Ecology

MODEL SUBJECTIVE QUESTION: What is population? Give its characteristics. Give history and background of population growth. Write note on seed dispersal. What is demography? Give its different aspects. Give applications of demography. SHORT QUESTION: Differentiate between Monospecific and Polyspecific population. Ans: Population of only